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Christina in 100 Words

People have always interested me. Traveling inspires me. I fell in love with both over ten years ago. Still in love. I had a mentor. His was the first darkroom that I worked in. I spent many evenings and late nights there. I had a wonderful and stable job. I stepped out in faith and resigned from said job. Spent three months in Greece. I came home to Jackson. Waited tables for a 1.5 years while building business. My studio and home, a small apartment. I opened a photography gallery with a friend (mentor). I moved my studio out of my apartment. Two years later I moved my studio again. My studio space made me happy. Christina Foto was in Fondren Corner. I had the joy of running my studio space for over 8 years. Then came my son and I am working again from home. This makes me extremely happy. I have the joy of working with amazing people. Photography is not a job. It what brings me the most joy. I would be lost without the people and places I see through the lens. I adore babies, brides, children, life. Beauty is everywhere. I look for it. I find it. I capture it. Best advice given: Don't be afraid to see what you see.


God is good. All the time.


2017 Christina Foto